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Creature Feature

Creature Feature

Proof of concept short for the “Velvet Rope” anthology film. Director, cinematographer, visual & practical effects, motion graphics.


Monster Mashup

Music video for “Monster Mashup” by Pissi Myles & Nate Walker Director, visual effects.

babashook feature

Babashook Music Video

Pissi Myles – ‘BABASHOOK’ Music Video Director, cinematographer, visual effects.


Fishtown Vol 1 Promo

Promotional video for “Fishtown Volume 1: A Hairy Situation” Indiegogo campaign Campaign link: Cinematographer, editor.

knockout target

Knockout Targets Promo

Promotional video for Knockout Targets. Director, cinematographer, motion graphics.


Mean People Spread Rumors

Trailer for the short film “Mean People Spread Rumors,” written, directed and produced by Joseph Katulak. Four roommates are forced to deal with an unexpected party guest during and after their first house party. Cinematographer.


Friday the 13th Part 11: The Death Curse

Intro concept for a new Friday the 13th sequel taking place between the events of parts 7 & 8, creating a new timeline in the franchise but also a direct sequel to Part 7. My installment would see Crystal Lake just as winter creeps in to halt a new land development project. The unkillable Jason …


Outhouse Short Film

“Outhouse” short film Winner of Synthetic Cinema’s Monster-Mashup contest for Chiller TV. Deep in the dark stretches of the wilderness lies a place where fears are made. For countless years an outhouse has held a terrifying secret. Something with an appetite for unsuspecting hikers. It lives… it waits… and it’s hungry. What horrors await in …


“Bear 141” Music Video

Music video for Elevator Art’s “Bear 141.” Director, cinematographer, special & visual effects.


Be One with the Clay

“Be One With The Clay” campaign for Har-Tru Sports. Cinematographer, editor, motion graphics.